Tate Rewards

Welcome to Tate Rewards – our exclusive loyalty programme for Tate temporary staff. Ensuring temporary workers are rewarded just like their permanent counterparts, Tate Rewards is our way of recognising your fantastic work through a series of exclusive benefits, available as soon as you start working for us!

High Street Discounts 

Take advantage of great savings and special promotions on holidays and everyday high street online spending, including reloadable cards and cashback.


Could you be our next winner? Every month we award the Tate temp who has received outstanding feedback with a prize!

 Just like permanent staff, every week you work for Tate you accrue holiday!

As a member of Tate you have access to the latest industry news, advice and insights

After 3 months of working with Tate, we offer you the opportunity to enrol into a pension scheme

Holiday Pay

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, as a temporary worker you qualify for paid holiday. How many days holiday you accrue depends on how often you work e.g., if your normal working week is 5 days every week for the entire year, you will accrue 28 days holiday.
Your holiday year will be the 12-month period starting 1st January and ending 31st December. If your employment begins or ends part way through the holiday year, your holiday entitlement for that year will be assessed on a pro-rata basis.
To request holiday, simply contact your local Tate branch who will explain the process further.
For more detail on this please refer to the Terms of Employment Handbook that was given to you at your registration.

Unlock your High Street Discounts

Tate have teamed up with Fizz Benefits giving you access to over 1200 high street discounts at major retailers throughout the UK, available only to Tate temporary employees.
Register here: https://taterewards.fizzbenefits.com/Register
Returning members: https://taterewards.fizzbenefits.com
For your referral code please speak to your consultant

Temp of the Month

To recognise the hard work of our temporary workers throughout Tate, each month, we run a Temp of the Month competition in which we invite our clients to submit their 'Temp of the Month' who they feel have been particularly outstanding and deserve to be recognised. As a temporary worker, you are automatically eligible for this and could be within the chance of winning a prize and a special mention on our website every month! 

Industry Insights

As a member of Tate you have access to the latest industry news, advice and insights. Our finger is always on the pulse with current topics and sector-specific news which we share through our channels regularly.
Why not download one of our guides? These are designed to help you further your knowledge within your industry and help you to be the best you can be in your working life. You can access them here: tate.co.uk/careeradvice

Pension Scheme

Tate operates a pension scheme for its workers. You may be entitled to become a member of one of the schemes. Further details are available from your Tate office.
As part of the wide range of benefits of working with Tate, we are pleased to be using NOW: Pensions as our Auto Enrolment provider. Adopting a straightforward and transparent approach that removes the burden and potential confusion of choice, NOW: Pensions makes running a pension simple and cost-effective. For more information, refer to your Terms of Employment handbook.