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Meet The Candidate

Sam Nguyen, Project Administrator, London.

Sam was working as an Office Services Assistant for a law firm when he decided to focus on his career path and move into a role that provided more opportunity. Now he is working as a Projects Administrator in the London office of one of the world's largest accounting networks.

How did your career in administration begin?

It really began with my last role in a law firm. I was mainly looking after the office administration, making sure the stationery was stocked and all of the key information was sent to the different staff members and lawyers. I also worked with the marketing team and the accounts team, mixing across all different sides of the business.

Why were you looking for a new job?

The opportunities were limited where I was and even though I was looking for ways to move forwards within the business, there were never really any suitable positions available. To be honest, I probably stayed there longer than I should have done but sometimes, you get comfortable in the role that you know. It was time for me to find a position that I could really build a future on.

What type of job were you looking for?

I needed a role based in London and somewhere that provided significant room for me to grow and develop new skills with a view to working my way along a career path. I wanted to find an employer that could offer new challenges and opportunities as my career progressed.

Why did you choose Tate to help in your job search?

I was recommended to Tate by a friend who said they had a positive experience when they were looking for a new role. So, I called Tate straight away and they were really quick to respond. They made me feel like they were genuinely excited to be helping me in my job search.

How did Tate help you find your new job?

Tate worked with me on interview preparation and provided lots of tips and tricks to make sure I was making the most of the opportunity. I felt like they had a genuine interest in the process. Even though they must have been helping lots of candidates, they made me feel like my job search was just as important to them as it was to me.

We spent lots of time working through questions that could come up in the interview, so by the time I was in front of the employer, I was able to confidently show why I was a great fit for the role.

How do you feel about your new role?

Finding this job as a Projects Administrator was the best thing for me. I have settled in well and I can already see how my career path could develop. There are opportunities to move upwards but also sideways into different areas of the business that might interest me, which is really exciting

What was your overall experience with Tate?

I had such a great experience with Tate that I have already recommended them to my brother, who is about to start looking for a new role.