Tate and the NHS

Did you know Tate are an award winning, approved NHS supplier for recruitment?

We have been selected to supply the NHS with temporary staff covering bands 1 - 10 across administration, secretarial, HR, finance and IT roles.

Not only can we supply your temporary staff as and when you need them, we're also part of an agreement which means we can look after 100% of your temporary staffing needs.

Whether you use us on an ad hoc basis or part of a formal agreement there are a number of benefits: 

  • We are experts in the industry
  • We'll work with you to really understand your needs and requirements
  • Once we know what you need, we can get started on meeting your requirements as soon as possible
  • We'll find you the best candidates, quickly and easily
  • We have agreed a national pricing framework so we don't need to renegotiate contracts
  • We are fully compliant so there is no risk when it comes to working with us

We'll provide you with a high volume of staff, at an agreed low margin, at the same time as maintaining the high level of quality expected of Tate.

For further information on how we can help you with your recruitment needs please contact your local branch or email enquiries@tate.co.uk.