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Expert Staffing Solutions for Financial Services

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Employing talented individuals and creating diversity in your recruitment process is essential to drive creativity and innovation, while safeguarding your reputation and fostering service excellence.

Our staffing solutions help you achieve this goal by giving you access to skilled professionals who can drive the success of your organisation.

Tate is a trusted partner for financial service organisations supplying retail banks, building societies, insurance and pension firms, financial software companies and regulatory bodies.

We tailor our service to your needs; from filling a single vacancy to managing your recruitment supply chain, we craft innovative hiring plans aligned to your timescales and budget, laying the foundation for achieving excellence.

Staffing Solutions for You

Operate stringent and compliant vetting standards

Our Vetting & Compliance Team mitigate risk by rigorously screening all applicants before interview.

Align industry specialists to source talented people

By cultivating a deep understanding of your culture and objectives, we recruit inclusively to attract individuals aligned to your ethos and ambitions.

Build a partnership approach

Our aim is to position your organisation as a top destination for diverse talent, using market insights to understand candidate needs, positively aligned to your brand.

Let’s Work Together.

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