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Managed Service Solutions

Bespoke workforce solutions for your organisation’s success.

Strategic, efficient and fully compliant

Our Managed Service Solutions drive efficiency and strategic value across your recruitment processes. Our expertly tailored programs reduce costs, increase retention, and guarantee complete fill rates and legal compliance. Whether optimising temporary staffing or enhancing permanent recruitment strategies, Tate aligns with your organisational needs to deliver significant productivity gains and a strengthened employer brand. Additionally, as a leading and accredited supplier to the public sector via major framework agreements, we bring proven expertise and trusted compliance to every partnership.

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Comprehensive outsourcing solutions for every hiring need

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Managed Service Solutions, Tate have proven capability of service excellence under the following models:

MSP Supply (Managed Service Provision)

Consolidate your temporary and contract staffing to effectively manage costs and meet demand, ensuring high-quality hires without compromising your operational standards.

RPO Supply (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Enhance your recruitment strategy by outsourcing your permanent staffing needs, including onboarding and compliance, to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

Hybrid Model (Combining MSP and RPO)

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our streamlined recruitment process, ensuring cost-effective, compliant, and adaptable workforce management.

Unlock the benefits of outsourced hiring

Save on average 15% on temporary agency spend

Retain 10% more of temporary staff

Guarantee 100% fill rate

Improve 25% on productivity

Reduce temporary staffing by 15% within one year

Achieve 100% legal compliance

Strengthen and enhance social value commitment

Centralise and streamline invoicing procedures

Our managed service solutions

  • Delivering a high-quality, hands-on service experience for our clients.

  • Sourcing top talent and optimising retention strategies, we tackle contingent and permanent talent challenges by combining insight, innovation, and human intuition to ensure optimal recruitment solutions.

  • Guaranteeing 100% fulfilment through a variety of recruitment channels, our direct fulfilment model aligns specialist consultants to niche candidate sectors, with the support of proven incumbent suppliers and a robust and diverse supply chain, including Tate Group companies.
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Supply capability list

  • Direct supply: Tate directly supplies job roles across various occupational categories, including Marketing and Communications, Administration, Finance, HR, Project Management, and Executive Management.

  • Tate’s Group Companies: As part of a larger organisation, Tate’s Group companies offer additional categories such as Cleaners, Drivers, Warehouse Staff, Security, Hospitality, Education, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Social Care, Housing, Trades.

  • Supply chain: Tate is further supported by a wider supply chain for any additional niche roles required such as Engineering, Technical and IT.
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Elevating your brand

  • Multi-generational: With five generations of people in the modern-day workforce, employer brands must work harder than ever before to attract and retain the most talented people. 

  • EVPs: Skills shortages exist in every corner of the labour market and so thoughtfully designed Employer Value Propositions offer unique competitive advantage for talent acquisition and staff retention.

  • Values: Tate aims to engage with people whose values resonate with our clients to create an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce and give candidates a great experience.

  • Expertise: Our expert teams work in partnership with you and the supply chain to enhance your brand, creating multi-channel attraction campaigns to reach a diverse talent pool of candidates and positively promote organisations.

  • Reduced timelines: The time taken for attraction and selection is significantly reduced through centralised recruitment and selection with a dedicated team in place for compliance and on-boarding, enhancing the candidate experience.

Our heritage

  • Recognised as an Investor in People employer: Tate, has almost 40 years’ experience of helping businesses build teams of talented people whilst delivering cost savings, increasing productivity, and providing greater visibility and control to clients.

  • Dedicated specialist recruitment teams: Providing direct fulfilment of roles supported by a motivated supply chain and innovative technology solutions.
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YPO Framework

Consolidate your temporary and contract staffing to effectively manage costs and meet demand, ensuring high-quality hires without compromising your operational standards.

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Case Studies

Our Managed Service Solutions at Tate have a demonstrated history of delivering outstanding recruitment results. Our case studies showcase the significant benefits and exceptional outcomes we've provided for our clients.

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Inclusive Workplaces

We understand the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces. Our tailored ED&I services help build diverse workforces through progressive strategies and inclusive hiring practices.

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