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Tate Digital is the meeting place for startups and fast-growing companies and highly creative, talented candidates in the burgeoning startup city of Manchester. A startup is a highly agile environment, needing new staff at the drop of a hat. With little time to make intelligent hires directly, and general recruitment companies not only being expensive, but not fully understanding the agility of fast-growing companies, Tate Digital is here to plug that gap. With a talent pool built up for over years in Manchester through Tate Recruitment, we have the talent primed to make your company thrive. 

From growth hackers to marketing managers, get the best talent for your startup

Our low cost plans give you the flexibility to hire where and when you need new staff 

Instantly access a pool of talented, qualified candidates who are primed to grow your business 

[ This is Manchester, we do things differently here ] 

Manchester has always been the UK’s innovation heartland. From textiles to tech startups, it is the engine of the North. Now it is startups like you who are driving growth. Whether you’re changing the world in Chorlton or the Northern Quarter, finding the staff you need to develop your business can be tortuous. But like Manchester’s finest, we do things differently here at Tate Digital. With our flexible hiring plans, you can skip dated recruitment firms and lengthy HR processes. Get the best talent exactly when you need them.

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Joel Fletcher 

Anila Shabir
Talent Manager

Lucinda Thorley

Lucinda Thorley
Talent Resourcer

Masa Prastalo
Digital Partnership Manager

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