Business Recovery: Finance
collaborative finance department
Collaborative working: why relationships between finance, marketing and operations matter now more than ever post-Covid

Covid has impacted every department in every company, but finance teams have faced particularly tough times. Finance specialists are seen as trusted advisors when businesses are recovering from a crisis.

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improve finance team
How to improve the finance team’s creativity and problem-solving skills to propel business recovery

As we emerge from the upshot of COVID and Brexit, business recovery relies heavily upon the skills and abilities of your workforce. Often, in times of crises, soft skills are weightier than hard skills in determining success, and attributes such as creativity and problem-solving become the most valuable in an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach

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invest in finance tech
Investing in finance technology to improve efficiencies and aid business recovery

The term ‘speculate to accumulate’ has never been more appropriate when it comes to FinTech and business continuity. Here, we explore just some of the ways that technology could help you not only on the road to recovery, but to instil long term efficiencies to secure your ongoing success.

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