Business Recovery

post pandemic marketing trends
Post-pandemic marketing: are these trends influencing your goals?

After a year of living dangerously, of suppressed ambitions, home school nightmares and working in pyjamas, the world is itching for normality and raring to go.

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finance software
Why this finance tech is transforming the finance manager role.

What does the future hold for finance managers? In this article we’re looking at the technologies making a major impact on the finance function, as well as some of the opportunities and threats posed by these new solutions.

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HR post covid
Five big forces hitting HR. Can they help you bounce back?

The primary forces impacting HR are the pandemic, which can be subdivided into twin pressures of needing to improve commercial performance and needing to nurture a workforce that has undergone a massive shift in their outlook and attitude to life, work and the future.

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Leadership in a Changed World

A series of six articles exploring the framework of strong, consistent, informed and inspiring leadership. From each article you will get tangible advice on how to embrace your role as a leader, create high performance environments and drive business development 

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