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Julie Rosen, Senior HR Manager, Greater London.

Julie, a Senior Human Resources (HR) Manager with over 10 years of experience in the HR industry, found her current job through the Tate recruitment process.

How did your HR career begin?

I had a degree, but it wasn’t business-related, so I started in a general administrative role with a well-known clothing brand, eventually moving into the HR department as an HR Officer. I got a good grounding in all aspects of HR and was given quite a lot of extra responsibility early on.

After that, I took an HR Administrator position at a global supply chain company based just outside London. While working there, I gained my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualification and progressed into an HR Manager role.

Why were you looking for a new job?

I had been with my previous employer for over 5 years, and I felt like I had reached my capacity and needed something new. I wanted to build on my knowledge and use my skills and experience in a different environment.

What type of job were you looking for?

I wanted a more senior HR role in a job that would be a new challenge. Having always worked in larger companies, I was keen to find somewhere smaller where I could use my own initiative and expertise to make a real difference. My idea of the perfect job was one where I could implement my own ideas and methods, with more responsibility in how the HR entity of the business is run.