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Meet the candidate

Marie Gilbert, Marketing Executive, Swindon.

While looking to take the next step in her career, Marie found her new job through Tate. She recently started as a Marketing Executive with a national transport company based in Swindon.

How did your marketing career begin?

I did a degree in Business Management which included some modules in marketing. After graduating I had the opportunity to go travelling. While I was away, I did some temporary work helping with the marketing for an outdoor activities company. I had always found the marketing aspect of business interesting, and this increased my enthusiasm, so when I returned to the UK, I decided to take my career in that direction. I got a job as a Marketing Assistant for a local food manufacturer, where I stayed for the next two years.

Why were you looking for a new job?

I learned a lot through my Marketing Assistant role and really honed my skills in digital marketing, copywriting, data analysis and even some graphic design. However, I felt that there was more to learn, and I wanted to experience working within a different sector while taking on more responsibility.

What type of job were you looking for?

Pretty much any industry has a marketing division, so I wanted to find a job in an industry that appealed to me. Most of the work I had done previously was digital marketing. This is a significant part of all marketing now, especially since the pandemic, but I was keen to find a role where there would also be opportunities to interact directly with customers and clients too. I’m quite an active, sociable person and don’t like to be stuck behind a desk day in, day out, so a job with variety, covering all aspects of marketing was something I was looking for.

Why did you choose Tate to help in your job search?

I first came across Tate on LinkedIn and when I looked at their website, I found they had lots of exciting looking marketing jobs, but I wanted to speak to someone about opportunities closer to my local area. When I got in touch they seemed to genuinely care and want to help me find what I was looking for.

How did Tate help you find your new job?

Tate took the time to help me map out my career goals and they talked me through various available jobs. When they told me about the position for a Marketing Executive right here in my hometown, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to apply. Through our conversations, I felt that my consultant really got to know me; my personality, my abilities and my experience, which all helped when putting me forward for the job. He also knew what the employer was looking for and so prepared me well for the interview, advising me on the key things that would be important.

How do you feel about your new marketing role?

This job is just what I was looking for. The role is really varied. Some days I’m at my desk working on a digital marketing campaign others, I can be preparing for an upcoming event. I have already been involved in a product launch and I really enjoyed being on the front line, face-to-face with potential customers. I am learning new things each day, constantly building on my marketing skills.

What was your overall experience with Tate?

Working with Tate made finding the right job easy. They worked hard to make a good match, both for the employer and me. They listened to what I wanted and understood what my employer needed. It wasn’t just about filling a role for them, I felt they really wanted to help me move forward in my career.