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Why work at Kingfisher

Kingfisher works with people from all walks of life. Whatever your background, being part of the Kingfisher group means you become part of an international family – and the company does everything it can to help you feel like you fit in.

Just as every home is unique, Kingfisher champions the fact that every person is different. Its inclusive and flexible approach, and focus on wellbeing, enables people to feel comfortable being themselves, like they do at home, helping you bring your best self to work.

There are lots of different roles on offer within the organisation, but whichever path you choose to take, you’ll be part of a global team that’s dedicated to making home improvements accessible to everyone.

This dedication is reflected in Kingfisher’s values:

  • Together: We love talking to people and customers. We’re team players. We’re welcoming and inclusive. We’re enthusiastic and engaging.
  • Curiosity: We love to find out more and ask questions. We continuously develop our skills through the Home Improvement Academy and by learning from others.
  • Simplicity: We believe there’s always a way. We keep it simple for customers by using our knowledge of product, projects and services. We communicate in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Humility: We care about you, me and we. We’re great listeners. We’re respectful and calm. We learn from our mistakes.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence and embrace change. We’re good at adjusting our approach to different situations. We always think what’s possible.

Make someone's day, every day

Kingfisher is also a place where you can keep learning, improving and growing, where you work with people you respect – and who respect you – and you get the chance to make someone’s day, every day.

A snapshot of testimonials from Kingfisher colleagues helps to build a picture of what working at Kingfisher is like:

  • "I really like the people I work with - together, we're making it a better place to work." - Nat
  • "You can develop at your own pace, taking on projects when you're ready." - Charlotte
  • "Working for a retail organisation is an exciting proposition and there are a huge number of opportunities." - David

As a growing retail business, there are lots of exciting ideas in the works. It’s all part of Kingfisher’s plan to make home improvements accessible for everyone – but it needs the right people on board to achieve its far-reaching ambition.

Kingfisher people are the foundation of the business

Every home should start with strong foundations. For Kingfisher, that’s all the people who make up the business. The company will invest in you as a person, helping you to build your own life skills. Whether you want to focus more on your personal skills or explore new ways of working, Kingfisher is committed to helping you learn and grow. You’ll discover simple, personalised training opportunities, so whatever your specialism, you can learn to Know It, Do It, and Master It.

Join the Kingfisher community

Kingfisher is not just a business, it’s a community. By working together, Kingfisher is making things simpler for customers to choose environmentally friendly products, to find value for money, and to support their communities. As the company states: “We think this makes us a better employer. It makes us a better neighbour. And it makes us a better business.” Whatever your role and however far your ambition stretches at Kingfisher, this dynamic, forward-thinking company will support you every step of the way.