Optimising your LinkedIn profile

Optimising your LinkedIn profile

Your photo

Make sure your head and shoulders take up the majority of the image and ensure that you are dressed appropriately. Your profile will be viewed 21x more if you have a photo.

Your headline

Your headline will feature in search results so ensure you include your current title and company.

Also include other relevant information, for example if you are an author or have other relevant roles, include them too.

Optimise your keywords

You can include keywords in all areas of your profile but they are most important in the summary and experience section.
Consider your target position and look for for words in job postings which align with your skills and experience.

Write your summary

This is your opportunity to write your story and motivate people to want to get to know you.

Write in the first person.

Talk passionately and showcase the problems you can solve and the value you can offer.

Remember to use keywords.

Update your job history

Ensure your job history matches your CV. Outline each job role and include at least 2-3 accomplishments not forgetting keywords.

Don't include any experience past 15 years, unless it's vital to the role you are targeting.

Source recommendations

Boost your credibility by sourcing strong recommendations.

Contact relevant contacts to ask for a recommendation and keep them up to date. 

Customise your URL

Make it easy for people to find you and connect with you by creating a customised URL.

You will be able to amend your URL on your profile page.