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Which recruitment service is right for your business?

Professional recruitment and staffing companies increase UK productivity by £7.7 billion each year by using their expertise to get the right people into the right jobs. Selecting the right recruitment partner for your business has a direct impact on your ability to attract and retain the right calibre of staff, however, choosing which recruitment service is right for the medium and longer-term needs of your business has an even greater strategic impact on capability to maximise commercial opportunities. A critical first step in selecting the right recruitment partner for your business is, selecting the right recruitment service.

There’s no one-size-fits-all recruitment service.  First, decide which service aligns with your needs.

Specialist staffing services

They sift through large numbers of applications and present the best ones to you. They cover everything from marketing to screening and compliance tasks.

Vendor management services

They supply staff on an ongoing basis. Using a cloud-based vendor management system (VMS), they automate parts of the recruitment process and provide useful data.

Recruitment process outsourcing

RPO providers are an extension of your team and take the full responsibility of finding talent for your business. They might even work with you in your offices.

Managed service programmes

They find you contactors and freelancers for competitive rates. Their role covers the full scope of sourcing, screening, onboarding and ongoing HR.

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