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How universities can manage agency spend

Universities in the UK are under a lot of pressure. Years of pandemic-related disruption combined with sustained funding pressure have made cost management a top priority for universities. Staffing costs represent a huge part of this cost management challenge, not just in terms of teaching staff but non-academic staff too, especially those supplied through recruitment agency services for both permanent and temporary positions.

Lots of universities are finding themselves using an inefficient, department-led recruitment approach where different teams contract different agencies when they face a staffing shortage. The result is a range of agencies, pricing models and sourcing methods that are challenging to manage.

This paper will help universities compare and review a number of effective staffing solutions available:

Staffing solution options

  • Retainer-based supply arrangements
  • Master vendor arrangements
  • Managed service arrangements
  • Business process outsourcing

Specialist frameworks

The paper also discusses how to make the most of specialist frameworks such as TUCO, SUPC, LUPC, NWUPC and APUC as they can play a crucial role in helping universities navigate these challenges.

Transformational technology

Find out more about how technology has the potential to transform university staffing practices.


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