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How to select your recruitment service provider?

Many companies offer recruitment services, with one in every 67 limited companies registered in the UK being a recruitment agency. Selecting which recruitment partner is right for your business needs careful consideration, even if you are working within a tight time frame. 

Your recruitment partnership needs to deliver a return on investment. Follow these steps to work best with your partner.

Step 1

Set objectives and measure their success. Use volume fill, retention, attrition and conversion rates to track performance and gather data on time and cost savings.

Step 2

Manage compliance and reputation risks together. Set out who is responsible for each part of the recruitment process and agree procedures.

Step 3

Look to the future. Set social responsibility targets for your recruitment processes and plan ahead for when your talent strategy may need to change.

Step 4

Speak to your provider. Work together to overcome issues and improve the recruitment process for you, your provider and your candidates.

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