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Business Recovery: Marketing

Trends that have changed marketing and recovery for good post COVID

The ‘new normal’ is a term used daily since the pandemic and applies to almost every home and business across the UK. As the wearing of face masks and social distancing look like they are here to stay for the foreseeable, so too are numerous other now accepted practices that seemed alien to us just a short time ago.

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Integration and Innovation: working together to improve marketing output

The concepts of innovation and adaptation have possibly never been more poignant. After struggling to recover from the disarray of the past couple of years, many businesses are realising that collaboration is necessary to succeed.

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Elevating customer experience excellence for business recovery

Although great customer experience (CX) is a real team-effort, most businesses will rely on their marketing leaders to guide the way in elevating it. Re-evaluating and reigniting the relationships formed pre-Brexit and the pandemic will be a crucial element of your business recovery, as will developing new routes into new clients as well.

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