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5 Top qualities of a great marketing leader in aiding business recovery

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After a demanding couple of years for almost every UK business, the time has come to start planning and implementing your business recovery strategy. At Tate, we have recently spoken to numerous clients who are feeling positive about rebuilding their organisations and that are on the lookout for talent to support them in achieving their newly established goals.

Post Brexit and Coronavirus, marketing will form a central part of most recovery plans. New tactics for reconnecting with customers and employees are a top priority for increasing sales, and marketing leaders who can blend a specialist skillset with a perfect cultural fit are in high demand.

So, to help you to find the best candidates for you, here are our five top qualities to search for in a marketing leader who can aid your business recovery.

1. Tech savvy

Recent events have made travel less common and remote working the norm. Marketers can help their businesses by supporting technology that accommodates these different working styles.

Choose a marketing leader knowledgeable in software and apps for helping your business to engage with your customers and contacts - even in today’s increasingly digital world. Appoint someone with a passion for tech and who can advise your sales team on how to best use it. You will want them to be confident in informing your workforce on VR tools, holding online meetings, or creating and hosting online presentations.

Your marketing leader should be able to help you navigate the changing work environment.

2. Innovative communication tactics

Find a marketing leader with top-notch communication skills for creating and executing both internal and external communications plans. Alongside your HR leader, you will want to be able to rely on this individual to rebuild or strengthen trust with colleagues and customers alike who have all weathered the storm of Brexit and Covid.

Both groups will need to be encouraged, reassured, and inspired by the messages you put out, so a talented marketing leader who knows how to communicate effectively will be central to your business recovery plan. Your marketing is the voice of your company, so choose someone creative and innovative in their communication.

3. Customer focussed

As mentioned, your customers have faced a tough period too, and you will want to find a marketing leader who will invest in client relationships.

Now is the time to revisit your customer journeys and how you work and connect with consumers. Find a marketing professional who can place themselves in your client's shoes and be imaginative in how your business can help them in the aftermath of a crisis.

Your business recovery will be most successful if you support your customers during their recovery phase as well.

4. Creativity

There has never been a more crucial time for marketers to demonstrate their creative ability. Businesses now need creativity to thrive, so take care to hire marketing candidates with creativity.

In a time of recovery, marketing should be used to re-engage and build trust with clients. So, make sure you are employing a marketing leader who can design and oversee innovative campaigns that make you stand out from the crowd. You may feel sales are down as companies get back to some normality, but overall demand is unlikely to have dropped. It is about tapping into what clients need in a new and attractive way.

5. Data driven and analytical

Creativity might be a vital quality for your marketing leader to possess, but it needs to be balanced with an analytical mind too. During this critical recovery stage, statistics for tracking the progress of every aspect of your business are important, and marketing is no exception.

Because of the slow-burn nature of results linked to marketing activity, a marketing leader who can track progress and link results back to initiatives is an asset to your business. Look for candidates who are data driven, as well as accountable for their outcomes, as this will hugely benefit your business and its growth.

Hiring the right marketing leader for your business as you work to improve and expand is a major part of your recovery strategy. Tate is a leading provider of marketing talent in the UK with vast experience in working with companies across a wide range of industries and sectors. Take the next step on your road to business recovery and contact us today to find a marketing specialist who is a great fit for your organisation’s needs.

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