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10 content marketing tools you may have missed that need adding into your marketing team's campaigns

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Content marketing can bring huge rewards, but it can also overwhelm businesses with the burden of creating, editing, reviewing, approving, distributing, storing and publishing content – and that’s not to mention the constantly evolving media and technology mix that facilitates and controls this activity.

With this in mind, what can your marketing, PR and communications professionals use to streamline some of this complexity? We’ve uncovered 10 lesser-known tools that can supercharge your content marketing and make your processes more efficient.

1. DivvyHQ – content planning and management platform

How well does your marketing team collaborate? DivvyHQ is an app that manages the content production process from start to finish, helping everyone in your teams to plan, create, edit, review, and publish your content.

This means that your content creators can easily respond to feedback from content managers, and business leaders can track progress and monitor performance at a glance (thanks to their aggregated analytics reporting).

Another interesting aspect to DivvyHQ is their push towards automation, something that promises to simplify some of the routine and repetitive tasks that consume the most time.

2. Populr – create simple web pages

How often are your colleagues restrained by your reliance on IT? Populr is a brilliant tool that gives every professional the capability to create web pages – without waiting for your technical team to build it.

This might transform how your HR team send internal updates, how salespeople share their proposals, or how your marketing team grab attention.

Pages are automatically mobile-friendly and can be password-protected.

3. Lumen5 – video created with AI

Video is becoming a primary form of communication online, but most businesses are still struggling to create engaging videos without spending a fortune.

Lumen5 gives every marketing executive the tools to make complete videos in-house. Their AI tool can even produce a draft video based on a blog post – giving your colleagues a huge head-start. With Lumen5 your teams can unlock entirely new ways to reach an audience online.

4. Atomic Reach – uses AI to make your content more engaging

Your marketing executives all want to create good content. But most organisations find this process to be hit-and-miss. Nobody knows which content will be a hit. Of course, this challenge is as old as advertising, with pioneering marketer John Wanamaker famously quipping, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half” – around 100 years ago.

Atomic Reach promises a more strategic approach to learning what works, and creating more effective content, by using a combination of AI and analytics to assess your library of content and its performance. Once Atomic Reach has reviewed your existing content, it builds content profiles that you can then use to review and optimise future content.

In this way, Atomic Reach works as a partner for your content marketing team, giving them a boost when it comes to crafting content destined for success.

5. AnswerThePublic – search listening tools – idea generation

What do people really want? AnswerThePublic aims to uncover the truth behind what people want, need, and search for every day. The app uses the autocomplete data from search engines (including Google) and then merges this with every possible question that people could ask on any subject.

This is ideal for content creators who want to understand how customer interest aligns with business goals, and how to craft content to intercept this intersection.

6. ContentCal – automation and management

Rather like DivvyHQ, ContentCal is a content and social media management platform. Key features of ContentCal include their social media management features, which are designed to simplify engagement by making it easy to respond to messages across all social channels. ContentCal are developing an AI-powered tool comparable to Atomic Reach, which aims to help your marketers learn from what works and create more effective content.

7. Mangools – keyword research

There are dozens of keyword research tools available, but Mangools is commendable for being super simple to use.

By accelerating the process of researching keywords and assessing search intent, you can more easily integrate search engine optimisation into every content project, whether you are updating your website, crafting press releases, or writing case studies.

8. Jarvis – AI-powered content creation

For any marketing team with big ambitions, Jarvis may be the digital assistant you’ve been looking for. But while Jarvis does promise to create content for you, your team will always need to review, edit, and improve the raw content.

Jarvis could be an interesting addition to your content marketing workflows, particularly if you have heaps of content to produce and a limited number of content executives available. This tool is an interesting indicator of the progress that software vendors are making with AI, while also reminding us that the technology has a long way to travel.

9. mmhmm – interactive presentations

mmhmm puts the show back into slideshow. If your sales teams or content people want to create more compelling meetings, workshops, and webinars, you can use mmhmm to mix your own live camera with your slides, and weave in other content sources, like live video, websites, and content from your mobile device.

This means you no longer have to choose between speaking directly to your audience and sharing your slides – you get to combine the two elements and adjust the size of yourself, and your slides, on the fly. mmhmm works with the video chat platforms you already use, including Zoom, Google Meet, and many other video channels.

10. Oribi – marketing analytics and attribution

Data is everywhere and analytics are ubiquitous, but how many of us are truly using the full power of these resources? For many organisations, our data is an untapped mine, and our analytics are a source of confusion. Oribi promises to change that by turning the firehose of data into useful, usable insights.

While Google Analytics can overwhelm you with data, views and options, Oribi is designed to answer the big questions that make a difference to your business. This can help your marketing executives make evidence-based decisions, and your leadership team can more simply understand the impact of your efforts.

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