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Everyone's Got Talent

Podcasts from Tate Recruitment offering practical advice to improve inclusion in the workplace

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The 'Everyone's Got Talent' podcasts discuss critical topics affecting business and society and raises awareness of hidden talent, which is going undiscovered, to help businesses create better and more sustainable companies that provide great work for great people.  Each month, Becky Webber, Operations Director for Tate, talks to an expert about their work to help employers reach new talent communities and how they support people in their careers.  They share practical tips and advice for listeners to take away and action.

Inclusion and fairness in the workplace is not simply the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do, and now more than ever.

We hope you can join us on this inclusion journey.

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In episode 3 Becky Webber meets Keith Moutter, Digital Inclusion Innovator with Recite Me, who talks about online accessibility during the recruitment process. Becky and Keith discuss how organisations can support jobseekers with disabilities and make the experience more inclusive.  Did you know that 75% of people with disabilities report that their condition affects their search for a job?

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Meet our host

Becky's passion for fostering an inclusive workplace culture has been honed over her 25-year career in staffing, culminating in her current role as Operations Director and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead for Tate Recruitment. As a leader who prioritises her employees' well-being, she believes that creating a culture of integrity and active listening is essential to driving positive change in the workplace.

Drawing on her own experience, Becky recognises the importance of building a diverse professional network for more informed decision-making and equitable outcomes. She knows, however, that finding the time to cultivate these connections can be a challenge. That's why she hosts this podcast, bringing experts and their knowledge directly to her audience. With Becky's guidance, listeners can gain valuable insights into fostering inclusivity and building a stronger, more connected professional network.

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Episode 1 - How to harness the opportunity of hiring over 50s into your workplace.

Lyndsey Simpson, CEO and founder of 55/Redefined talks to Becky about the about the Ageing Population's impact on our society and workplaces.  With almost half of UK workers being aged over 50 within the next two years according to the Office of National Statistics, Lyndsey discusses how we can harness the opportunity for age-inclusive workplaces with references to the findings of her recently published survey, The Unretirement Uprising.

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Episode 2 - Accelerating a menopause support strategy in the workplace.

Becky Webber meets Bev Thorogood, Director and Founder of Floresco Training, whose mission is to make menopause mainstream in the workplace. Becky and Bev discuss how organisations can support those with menopause symptom and make cost effective adjustments to retain top talent and attract new talent. 

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