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Major High Street Bank Recruits Fraud Advisors to Bolster Protection of its Customers

Client: High Street Bank

Staffing Types: Fraud Advisors

Geographical Coverage: UK

Number of employees: 18,000

Company overview: This major high-street bank was looking to increase protection for its customers as a result of increasing fraud cases across the UK by recruiting additional Fraud Advisors across a number of its branches.

Talent Challenge

Tate’s client, a major high-street bank, was looking to expand its Liverpool, Bradford and Glasgow offices with additional Fraud Advisors. However, their previous staffing agencies had struggled to fill the vacancies, with many of the appointed candidates failing to arrive on their first day of the role.

With over 450 branches throughout the UK, the client wanted to provide additional protection and support for their customers with these new roles, especially as fraud cases had doubled in the UK in 2023.

Tate Solution

The client worked with Lorien in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) arrangement, who selected Tate from the approved supplier list because of recent successes with another Lorien client.

Tate’s Customer Success Manager who has 6 years’ experience supplying staff to financial companies recognised that the financial probity checks unique to these positions would make the time to hire 60 days plus which could be a contributory factor to candidates dropping out prior to the start date.

Having worked with another national retail banking brand the Customer Success Manager had access to a well-maintained pool of suitable candidates for each location that they could target for the roles. Working with the client’s Fraud Talent Acquisition lead, it was agreed that the roles could offer hybrid working arrangements to broaden the appeal of the positions to more job seekers. Due to Tate’s high-volume recruitment service capability, the Tate delivery team condensed compliance and reference checking by 50%, achieving a time-to-hire of 30 days.

The client wanted to take on forty-nine Fraud Advisors spread across three new-starter intakes between January and March. The Customer Success Manager led the Tate service delivery team through a thorough online interview, competency assessment and compliance screening schedule to identify the most suitable candidates with solid written and oral communication skills and demonstrated the high standard of customer service capability needed for this client's call handling needs.

Successful candidates were appointed with the Tate team, who maintained regular contact with every candidate to help prepare them for their new role, including planning their best travel journeys to work and discussing the office culture, including dress code. The Tate team had excellent local knowledge of bus routes and local car parks, and from previous visits to the offices, could develop the candidates’ understanding of what it would be like to work in each location.

This personal contact from the Tate Recruitment Team coupled with the reduced time to hire, resulted in the full complement of Fraud Advisor recruits arriving on day one of their new role across the various intakes and locations.

Partnership Results:

· 100% fill rate compared with the previous supplier fulfilment rate of 56%.

· 30-day time to hire compared with 60 days

· 96% new hire attendance v’s 40%