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22x social media specialists in 9 days for a global sports event

Supplied multi-lingual social media speciailsts for a global sporting event at short notice

100% fulfillment within 9 days

The team achieved a 100% fulfilment rate of 22 social media specialists with a good representation of multi-lingual competence across ten languages within 9 days. The speed to hire was exceptional given the talent short market conditions and how niche the clients’ skill requirements were and for short-term placements.

All employees completed the 3-month assignment with the support and engagement of the Tate team.

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The client operates a SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service) for corporate brands around the world, providing social media strategy and management tools for their clients’ online communities.

In 2017, this global client, located in the U.S. were looking for a specialist staffing provider in the UK to strengthen its UK service capability. Central to this requirement was finding a recruitment partner capable of serving longer term needs of recruiting staff with specialist skills according to a diverse range of bespoke and often ad-hoc end-client projects.

Tate was successful in demonstrating its understanding of the unique needs of the business and chosen as the sole supplier for its ability to deliver unique candidate attraction and staffing solutions according to end-client needs.

The Challenge

The client entered a competitive bid to win a global contract for a 3-month social media management capability, for a global sporting event. To meet the service need, Tate were asked to supply 22 social media specialists across 4 job roles, to work remotely in the UK throughout the sporting event.

The staff were required to manage social media profiles and community engagement across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in multiple languages.
The roles were responsible for building excitement prior to the event, sharing live news and updates throughout the event and post-event highlights. Optimising community engagement through regular content marketing across all channels was key to the success of the project.

Due to the nature of the event, working outside of standard office hours and proficiency in a second language were all special requirements. With the event attracting a global audience, language proficiency was needed in over ten languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian and English.

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The Solution

The client had not fully signed the contract with the international sporting event organisers when they asked Tate to help, and so all the candidate attraction programme had to be devised whilst knowing that the contract may not be secured. The roles required included Social Media Co-ordinators and Social Media Managers.

With only two weeks to find ample candidates to place 22 social media specialists with the second language capability and specialist content management skills, the Tate team had their work cut out to find suitable and experienced candidates. They dedicated a modest team of Recruitment experts to explore their extensive candidate communities and the existing candidate database. Proactive sourcing was also used extensively as part of a LinkedIn search campaign. 

The team carried out initial interviews, competency testing including language translation assessments, before preparing candidate shortlists for the client to conduct final interviews.

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The Journey

During the contract the numbers of staff required for each country changed and the Tate team worked closely with the client to ensure clear communication was maintained. Regular calls and meetings were set-up to ensure the right number of people were being supplied and employed.

In addition, the working hours and work schedule for the candidates changed weekly throughout the event, requiring the Tate staff to support candidates and keep them motivated throughout the contract. Support calls were set-up weekly with these employees to maintain engagement and minimise the risk of attrition.

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