Stage 1 - Sourcing strategy

In today’s talent-short market, we follow a multi-channel approach to increase the odds of success. Our team of recruitment professionals are highly connected and agile in their approach to sourcing A-player calibre talent.

We know that relying only on applicants applying to job advertisements is not going to win top talent. While we might get lucky, the truth is many of the best candidates are working for the competition. To engage with these candidates, we've create a go-to-market strategy that engages both active and passive candidates meaning that we are extending our reach across all the channels they frequent.

Our process

Candidate personas 

We will help you create a candidate persona, so you have a clear picture of who you’re looking for and a ‘performance job description’ by adding a mission, goals (desired outcomes) and a sense of urgency.

Job advert writing 

We write our job adverts with the candidate in mind, tailored to appeal to a broad and diverse audience, taking care to explain or remove company jargon and avoiding words which could deter applicants from applying.

Talent mapping 

We invest in talent mapping to identify the calibre of available candidates, the industries and organisations in which they work, locations in which they reside and their salary requirements using marketing insight tools and LinkedIn Talent Insights.


We will support you to benchmark your job description against competitors and related industries.


We will build and engage our network of highly skilled professional candidates by running regular job seeker webinars supporting them with all things related to their job search.
Stage 2 - Screening and shortlisting 

An organisation is only as strong as its people. At Tate Professional, we know that hiring the right talent helps to gain a competitive edge and grow the bottom line, and we appreciate that nothing less will do. But how do you tell the difference between a good and an A-player candidate? 

Our process

Stage 3 - Offer, referencing, pre-boarding and onboarding

We recognise the importance of successful pre-boarding and onboarding to heighten the engagement of your chosen candidate.

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