Stage 2 - Candidate screening, qualification and shortlisting

An organisation is only as strong as its people. At Tate Professional, we know that hiring the right talent helps to gain a competitive edge and grow the bottom line and we appreciate that nothing less will do. But how do you tell the difference between a good and an A-player candidate?

Our process

Search matrix 

We will implement a search matrix to help qualify talent comprising of 8-10 essential criteria required to succeed in the position ranked in order of importance.

Profile reviewing 

We recognise that when screening and shortlisting talent, it’s vital to review a candidate’s CV and LinkedIn profile together to ensure that we gain a full picture of the candidate and also to reveal any inconsistencies and potential red flags.

Signs of success

Recognising that A-players are motivated by achievement, we will look for their accomplishments, leadership capabilities and signs of success. We will also look for other attributes such as industry experience, performance metrics, time in role, skills, essential qualifications and evidence of ongoing learning. 


We will undertake face-to-face competency and behavioural based interviews following the criteria-based search matrix using our ‘Tate VIP’ interview technology.

Aptitude testing 

We will introduce aptitude tests to automatically qualify suitable applicants, predetermined with you ahead of shortlisting. Psychometric assessments will also support the interview process.


We will present a shortlist of suitable professionals to you and will carry out additional due-diligence, where possible, through the attainment of references in advance of you interviewing them.  


We will always aim for a quick turnaround between interviews and dissemination of feedback to ensure that we enhance the candidate journey and protect your employer brand. We will also provide you with detailed and regular feedback on our progress through our dashboard MI reports.

Stage 3 - Offer, referencing, pre-boarding and onboarding

We recognise the importance of successful pre-boarding and onboarding to heighten the engagement of your chosen candidate.

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