Stage 3 - Offer, referencing, pre-boarding and onboarding

Now more than ever, extending an offer to a talented candidate does not guarantee they will accept. You might feel that this is out of your hands... after all, the candidate should know what the job entails once they have been through the interview process; if they no longer want the job, that’s their choice. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Our process


We will support you to offer a fair compensation package based on the benchmarking exercise we carried out at the beginning. We will also highlight the non-financial perks that competitors will struggle to replicate.


Before the offer, we will work with you to follow a rigorous referencing process to ensure that you are not relying upon intuition alone.

Constructive feedback 

For all unsuitable candidates, we will work with you to compile detailed constructive and supportive feedback which will support them as they continue their job search journey.

Pre-boarding and onboarding 

We recognise the importance of successful pre-boarding and onboarding to heighten the engagement of your chosen candidate. We will share successful approaches followed by other organisations, and we will support you and your new member of staff every step of the way.


For more senior appointments, we recognise that the onboarding process is critical to ensure that your new employee successfully transitions into their new role. We work with an external executive onboarding coach who will customise a coaching program to support the new appointee through the first three months of their employment with you. (This service comes at an additional cost).

The Team

Our Executive placements are primarily delivered by dedicated executive search consultants and our Regional Directors based in London, the North and South regions. 

Meet the team

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