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Tate Professional is a specialist senior-level appointments firm operating exclusively in HR, Digital Marketing and Finance. Through strong networks and connections…..We take pride in helping organisations source the talent they need through multiple channels. Finding high-quality talent is difficult, especially for leadership roles. It can keep CEO’s awake at night.The more senior the position and demanding the job specification, the greater the challenge

Tate Professional is a senior-level appointments specialist operating exclusively within the fields of HR, Digital Marketing and Finance. 

We have the experience to recognise that sourcing top tier talent is challenging enough, especially within business-critical leadership roles and it is through strong networks and connections that we have developed a proven multi-channel strategy in top level hiring.

Our dedicated team at Tate Professionals invest time in getting to know you, your team and your culture to agree on a tailormade, streamlined and time-line focused hiring approach. Every stage of the hiring process is critical in attracting, engaging and retaining senior-level talent which is why we treat every step with the same level of importance.

Partnering with Tate Professionals

In your first consultation, we will discuss what you regard as being the most important factors in your partnership with Tate Professionals and whether this be confidentiality, cost or service quality we will work with you to tailor a recruitment solution to suit your business.

We follow an in-depth five-stage sourcing methodology that engages both active and passive candidates, meaning that we are extending our reach in finding the best talent for you. Once we have sourced our A-player calibre talent, we move on to the integral steps of screening and shortlisting. This includes competency and behavioural based interviews, aptitude tests and reviewing all of the candidates profiles to ensure we have a complete picture. The last crucial step of our process is offering, referencing, pre-boarding and onboarding. We will support you with each step, from putting together a fair compensation package based on our benchmarking exercise, all the way to offering external coaches supporting your new appointment through their first three months.

Stage 1 - Sourcing top talent

In today’s talent-short market, we follow a multi-channel approach to increase the odds of success. Our team of recruitment professionals are highly connected and agile in their approach to sourcing A-player calibre talent. 

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Stage 2 - Screening and shortlisting 

An organisation is only as strong as its people. At Tate Professional, we know that hiring the right talent helps to gain a competitive edge and grow the bottom line, and we appreciate that nothing less will do. But how do you tell the difference between a good and an A-player candidate? 

Our process

Stage 3 - Offer, referencing, pre-boarding and onboarding

We recognise the importance of successful pre-boarding and onboarding to heighten the engagement of your chosen candidate.

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The Team

Our Executive placements are primarily delivered by dedicated executive search consultants and our Regional Directors based in London, the North and South regions. 

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Position: Financial controller
Company: Tate Recruitment

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Position: Financial controller
Company: Tate Recruitment

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Position: Financial controller
Company: Tate Recruitment

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