Chloe helps: job hunting tips from a recruitment expert

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At Tate, we’re really hot on advice. We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to go out into the harsh hiring world and bag yourself a fantastic job. So one of our extremely talented London-based consultants thought she’d share her wisdom on finding your next big opportunity.

Chloe Williams from Tate

1. Don’t apply for everything you see

One of the more frustrating questions we’re asked is: “I’ve applied for over 30 roles for office jobs in the UK, so why haven’t you put me forward for any of them?” Why would I put you forward for a £55,000 PA role when you’ve been applying for £9.50 an hour roles as a bartender? Make sure you know what you want to do in the long run.

2. Be realistic and open-minded

A lot of candidates assume that as they were on £45,000 before, they should get £55,000 now. The reality is, have you proved you’re worthy of what you want?

Just because you want a certain role in a certain industry, it doesn’t mean that’s all there is. There could be other opportunities out there which are perfect for you, so don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

3. Show initiative and common sense

Someone with initiative goes a long way. Don’t sit there waiting for me to ring you. Actively pick up the phone. It takes five minutes to send an email to let someone know you appreciate the time they’ve given. It really helps when looking for a role.
Common sense is a commodity that’s really rare nowadays! You can be the brightest person in the world, but if you don’t show an employer that you have common sense, you will not get far.

4. Know your worth

Be aware of what’s unique about you and the value it would bring. You’re great at time-keeping, but what will that bring to the business?
You need to have persistence, you need to be positive. The way you carry yourself goes a long way. If you go into a situation with a negative attitude, it will come across in the way that you hold yourself. Really hone that positivity.

5. Have a goal in mind

Everyone needs to work because they want money. What do you want at a deeper level? How do you measure success in your life? If I know that, I can make sure you’re getting what you need to achieve this. It needs to be our goal, not yours.

A lot of candidates really don’t understand what a recruitment company is. Some think it’s like a Jobcentre. It’s not. Just because we have jobs, it doesn’t mean those jobs are right for them or that they’re right for the jobs. So think about where you want to go and let us help you get there.