What does good look like

Recruitment is the most important people process we have, yet very few of us are any good at it. Research shows that 5% of your workforce produces 26% of the output (the other 95% produce only 74% of your output) and that only 19% of hires are an ‘unequivocal success.’ For all its importance and for all the investment we have made why is it so hard to hire good people? Why are we no better at hiring good people today than we were in the 1940s? This seminar will answer these questions and more.

We will consider:
• The financial impact of hiring in order to help build a business case
• What the blockers are and detail some simple (and surprising) things that impact
your ability to hire good people
• Three practical models that you use immediately to hire more good people

By the end of the session we will give you tools to help you increase the number of good hire in your business. In summary: if you and your recruitment partner are not using these, then you will continue making mediocre hires into your business.