A McKinsey survey of business leaders found “almost half - 46% - believe that lack of sleep has little of no impact on leadership performance.”  They are unbelievably, and frighteningly wrong.

Sleep permeates every aspect of your being.  It impacts our health, our mental wellbeing and our work.  Just ONE bad night’s sleep means that on the following day our mood and judgement will be impaired; we will suffer mood swings; it will undermine our emotional empathy with others and make us more irritable; mental acuity will decline ruining our focus and concentration and limit our ability to learn and retain information and it will also make us more at risk of serious injuries and accidents.  In short it will reduce our productivity by 57%.  And that is after just one night…..

Two thirds of adults throughout ALL developed nations fail to obtain sufficient sleep on work days and this comes at a cost.  The economic cost of insufficient sleep in the UK has been estimated at USD50bn or 1.86% of GDP – or over £740 million a week.

This seminar will consider:
Sleep and why we take it for granted
Why should we bother – does a lack of sleep impact us?  (Short answer: yes in ways you will have never imagined)
The impact of lack of sleep on business
How you can get more sleep
What businesses can do

This will surprise and shock you in equal measure.  Sleep matters.  But it also comes with good news; it is never too late to start.  If your Wellness Program is not considering sleep then you are merely tinkering at the edges of the problem.