Productivity: Flexibility and Environment

Some 90% of a company’s costs are people related, so any improvement we can get in employee’s productivity will dramatically impact your bottom line. To achieve this, we have traditionally focused a lot of effort on management, process, tools, systems and engagement.

However, in focusing here, we can miss the human at the centre of it all and an appreciation of what enables them to be productive. In a new series of seminars, we will address the fundamental importance of human beings by placing them front and centre and explore innovative ways through which businesses can maximise human productivity in the modern world.

The first seminar will look at how the how the physical environment within which we work (i.e. the office space) and how having the ability to work how we want to work (i.e. flexibility) both impact productivity. You’ll gain a clear understanding of exactly how work environments and flexibility impact productivity, office hacks you can implement today and a methodology to enable flexible working. Taken collectively, the independent research says these will increase employee productivity by over 250%.

The secret to better productivity may not be in the latest best-selling book on management; rather it may be in the environment within which you work and how you empower people to do the work. Come and see why and maybe you can get just some of the 250% improvement.