Generation Game

A multi-generational workplace is inevitably a complicated one. 

People of different ages typically have different perspectives on the world. They disagree on the most fundamental issues. They dress differently, eat differently and travel differently. And more pertinently, they work differently. 

Unfortunately, as has been proven throughout human history, people often  react adversely to change. It’s in our very nature to mistrust those who  behave differently to ourselves; anyone whose values, attitudes and motivations do not reflect our own. 

So, logically, the more the demographics of your office vary, the harder it is to manage everyone harmoniously. 

Using the latest research, insights and opinions available, this seminar will examine the challenges inherent within a multi-generational workforce. 

If you get the opportunity to go along and see Russell Beck then please do so. Attended the same seminar and it was brilliant. Thought provoking, inspiring and a must for anyone who "manages" people.

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2016 Generation Game Seminars
28th April, Southampton, on the 'Generation Game'
23rd June, Birmingham, on the 'Generation Game'