Employer Branding

How employer branding can help you win the talent game

Talent is the foundation of any businesses success. The biggest driver of any business’s profit and growth is people. Your ability to hire and retain great
talent is the most important thing you do.

Today though, Talent has a choice. Unemployment is at a 43 year low of 4.3% so, how do you answer the question ‘why should I work and continue to work for you.’
Your employer brand is the answer and how you define it, manage it, and respond to it is critical to your success. And it will hurt if you get it wrong:
• Only 1 in 5 candidates would apply to a 1-star rated company
• If you have a poor brand a 10% pay rise over an offer from a competitor would
only tempt 28% of candidates to join you
• If you have a poor brand then 50% of candidates would never, never, never, never
work for you regardless of the amount of money you throw at them

So how do you define it, how do you manage it, and how do you answer those pesky 1 star reviews?