Employee Engagement Seminar

Employee engagement is one of those HR and recruitment subjects that attract an enormous amount of ‘buzz’. And as a result, it’s a subject rife with confusion, misinterpretation and speculation.

Broadly speaking, we all know that engagement is about being happy at work and satisfied in what you’re working on. But definitions of employee engagement are so varied that the term can quickly become bewildering.

In most cases, the problem with these definitions is that they are simply too long and too complex. Definitions by their very nature have to be succinct and simple to be useful and usable. Essentially, they need to be as short as possible.

Using the latest research, and by aggregating the views of the experts, this seminar will consider:

  • What employee engagement actually means
  • How employee engagement benefits businesses as well as staff
  • How engaged employees currently are 
  • How engagement should be measured
  • How your business can increase employee engagement

Excellent.  One of the most informative and interesting talks I have been to.  Really glad I came, thank-you.

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2016 Employee Engagement Seminars
19th April, Uxbridge, on 'Employee Engagement'
20th April, WGC, on 'Employee Engagement'
20th April, London, on 'Employee Engagement'
24th April, Guildford, on 'Employee Engagement'
26th April, Reading, on 'Employee Engagement'
4th May, Guildford, on 'Employee Engagement'
5th May, London, on 'Employee Engagement'
10th May, Winchester, on 'Employee Engagement'
11th May, Epsom & Dorking, on 'Employee Engagement'
13th May, St Albans, on 'Employee Engagement'
26th May, London, on 'Employee Engagement'
19th October, Southampton, on 'Employee Engagement'