The Government has a goal to create 600,000 new apprenticeships each year. To fund it, they created the Apprenticeship Levy, yet in the first year of operation, only 10% of the levy collected has been spent. 40% of employers see the levy as a tax, and 17% of leaders think they will recoup no business benefit.

What a waste.

From May 2019, unspent levy payments will be lost - forever. Apprenticeships give business an opportunity to review the skills needed and match an apprenticeship programme to meet the skills required.

And it is very cost effective - if you are a levy-payer then you have already spent the money, if you spend all your levy pot or are not a levy payer then you only pay 10% of the cost. Apprenticeships drive engagement, motivation and retention of staff, so why wouldn’t you use it?

Come and learn about the myths, realities and opportunities apprenticeships offer, and how, by tailoring them to you and your situation, they can help your business.