Appraising the Appraisal

However you look at it, how we currently appraise and measure people is broken; few look forward to the event; few gain from it and research shows that those who come out as being the company’s best performers are (in 66% of cases) not actually the best. As one guru has stated appraisals are an “expensive and complex way of making people feel unhappy.”

Yet measuring our people feels right, we are measured from an early age and so expect to have that continue when we move into business. Our staff want feedback and want to improve; business has a vested interest in making this happen and yet all too often the current process singularly fails to deliver. How can we square this circle?

This seminar will consider all of this, looking at:
• The historical context – quite how did we end up where we are?
• Why the current system fails
• What are we actually trying to achieve?
• A plan, with simple defined steps on what you can tangibly do to make it better.

By the end of the session, we will show how performance management can increase engagement in your workforce (by up to 40%) and how you can turn a stodgy, annual process into your competitive advantage.