2020 Vision

The world of work is changing and will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today. On one hand we are told that robots will take our jobs, and yet on the other we are told that we will not be able to retire until we reach our late 70’s or even 80’s. How can that be compatible?

From macro trends of urbanisation, demography and life expectancy to the ever increasing capability of technology, our businesses are facing competition from seemingly everywhere and all at once. And for employees... in 5 years there will be 5 billion people with smart phones accessing Wikipedia and every book ever written; how will you compete when there will always be someone cheaper, faster and maybe better than you?

Businesses and work as we know it will change significantly over the next 5 years, so what will happen and how ca we future proof our businesses and our careers? By connecting the dots in a meaningful way, this seminar will consider these facts and more. And for every point made we will show where the future has already tarted to take shape, after all, ‘the future is already here...’