Hall of Fame October 2017

> Zuzana is our Basingstoke Winner 


I couldn’t be happier with Zuzana’s progress here. She has picked up everything I have taught her and nothing is too much trouble. Her work ethic is exceptional and she has quickly become a valued member of the team. A definite candidate for temp of the month!

> Sam is our Bournemouth Winner 


Sam not only provides support to the whole commercial team but she is the sole tender support for nearly 100 tender! She consistently surpasses the expectations of her already daunting position description, and does so with a positive attitude that improves the experience of everyone in the office!

> Jess is our Brighton Winner 


Jess is an utter life saver. So efficient, so on it and so incredibly lovely!

> Laura is our Cambridge Winner 

Cambridge 2

Laura is the perfect candidate and someone we are proud to represent here at Tate Cambridge. She has been temping for one of our clients in the Cambridge area and has done us proud, not only has she settled in quickly but she has been nominated by the team as our Temp of the month! Our client has peaks and troughs throughout the year as they specialise in seasonal products, they needed someone to help out with administrative duties during one of their peak seasons and to support the whole team. Laura fit the bill perfectly and has gone above and beyond to assist the team, this has resulted in her being extended weekly for the past 10 weeks. She is extremely reliable and has a positive attitude towards absolutely everything! Very deserving of the award.

> Geoff is our Dorking Winner 


Geoff has really picked up what is a very complicated role and works accurately.  He is also particularly proactive, managing his time to fit everything in and often coming to me to let me know he is able to help with other work. He requires little to no supervision and always makes sure the work gets done. Given that Geoff has never worked in this type of industry before this is particularly impressive.  

> Ed is our Epsom Winner 


Ed has joined us at a time of great change. He has demonstrated a calm tenacity in his dealings with the wider organisation. We have been pleased that he has melded well within the team.

> Our Guildford Winner 


> Lorraine is our Hemel Hempstead Winner 

Hemel Hempstead

Lorraine has fitted in amazingly and working like little a trojun for us. Lorraine has fitted in to our severely depleted office team and takes on any task that she is given and works through it meticulously to get the end product. She has been supporting our finance team with the lettings for the school and only today we received a payment that we had almost given up on all thanks to her grit and determination.

> Chloe is our Hitchin Winner 


Chloe is currently temping at Future Skills & Advice Ltd…. she is an excellent addition to our team, she is very dependable with an strong skill base. Always happy Chloe is very approachable and very well thought of by all of the team here.

> Sarah is our Holborn & Victoria Winner 

London City

Sarah is a pleasure to work with. She is always hard working and fits in really well with the team. Sarah is getting on really well! When we went down and presented Sarah with her flowers and certificate she was so grateful and excited!

> Jemma is our Reading Winner 


Jemma has become an essential member of the Operations team at Catalina. Her motivation for learning new tasks and processes has seen her pick up responsibilities and processes quickly and effectively. She has become a member of the Operations Family with a great sense of humour and an infectious positive attitude!

> Sinead is our St Albans Winner 

St Albans

Sinead has only been with us a couple of weeks, but her help has already been invaluable. She’s jumped in and taken on board being plunged into the thick of things, staying on top of tight deadlines and helped our team to keep sane amongst the madness!

> Laker is our Winchester Winner 


Laker is a lovely, welcoming candidate who never fails to put a smile on all of our faces. Laker approaches each challenge with passion and determination and has managed to fit seamlessly into two different assignments. The feedback has always been excellent, and we would like to thank her for all of her hard work. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.