Hall of Fame March 2016

> Victoria Merriam is our Exeter Hall of Famer

Exeter March HOF

Heathcoat Fabrics 

 > Vicky is our Welwyn Garden City Hall of Famer


“It was a delight to present Vicky with a Long Service Award. Vicky pictured (centre), has been temping via Tate for sixteen years and is an extremely valued member of our team. 

Thank you for all your hard work Vicky, we have received such lovely feedback from our clients.”

> Grace Noblett is our Bournemouth Hall of Famer

Bournemouth March HOF

Grace has worked diligently for LV= taking on more of the role than we expected. Whilst doing this Grace has continuously been a positive influence on the team around her and integrated well with the all of our handlers recently attending our ‘End of Quarter Event’.

Grace has worked at a good performance level and displayed sharp attention to detail whilst looking after our LV= customers.’


> Aggie Galloway is our Victoria Hall of Famer

Victoria March HOF

“Aggie has temped for so many of our clients and gets the best feedback of all our candidates. She is reliable, always punctual, hard-working and overall an amazing candidate who has never let us down for a booking once.”


> Alice Hemmingway is our Basingstoke Hall of Famer

Basingstoke March HOF

The NAV People

> Tiffany is our London City Hall of Famer

“Since joining us in January, Tiffany has become a valued member of the compliance team here at Enova.

 She provides key administrative support to the complaints team and we would be very lost without her.

Tiffany is very organised, has great attention to detail and takes on all tasks given with no issues.

She is always willing to help out members of the team by dealing with email enquiries and answering the phone”.