Hall of Fame April 2016

> Katie Hazel is our London West End Hall of Famer

West End Katie Hazel

“Katie has been a fantastic addition to our team, not only is she super-efficient, she is also a great laugh and comes to work every day with a smile on her face and a can do attitude! Thanks again Tate for supplying us with another great candidate."

> Kyle is our Canary Wharf and Moorgate Hall of Famer

CWM Kyle

“Kyle is a delight to have in the office, he is really enthusiastic, energetic. He has picked up tasks very quickly, and one of the great things about having Kyle here is that he genuinely cares, and takes pride in his work. 
Kyle is happy to take on more responsibility, listens to advice to improve and has taken initiative by suggesting new ideas and strategies. Kyle is one of the best temps that we have had in my time here, and Senior Management has commented to me on how great he is doing.”

> Karen Marsh is our Chandlers Ford Hall of Famer

Chandlers Ford Karen Marsh

"Karen has fitted into our small team very well. She has picked up everything quickly and is always helpful and enthusiastic. Karen is hardworking and conscientious and always completes her work in an efficient manner. She is a real pleasure to work with. She is the ideal temp!”

Nuffield Hospital

> Michael Wallis is our Guildford Hall of Famer

Guildford Michael Wallis

BTU (Installation & Maintenance) Ltd.

> Cindy is our Winchester Hall of Famer

Winchester Cindy

> Jack Chedburn is our London Bridge Hall of Famer

London Bridge Jack Chedburn

"Jack works hard and is very thorough.  The archiving job that he is currently doing is not very stimulating and he never complains. He double-checks things which is reassuring as we do not want a repeat of our initial poor archiving register.   He is very easy to get on with and he has fitted in well at CYK."

Cooke, Young & Keidan

> Julia Wicks is our Basingstoke Hall of Famer

Basingstoke Julia Wicks

“Julia is hardworking, you can give her a task and she gets on with it.  She is reliable and had a great attitude for getting the job completed at a high standard. If there is any additional work to do Julia is always the first to help and assist . Julia always punctual and hasn’t been late into work once, she often stays later to make sure all her tasked for the day are completed." 

Frimley Park Hospital


> Amir Khoshsokhan is our Epsom Hall of Famer

Epsom Amir Khoshsokhan

"Amir has been temping for us for a long time and has been in the same booking for most of that time.  He is reliable, conscientious and always consistent with a warm and friendly nature."

> Felicity is our Reading Hall of Famer

Reading Felicity

"Felicity has settled in well within our department and has shown great teamwork. She has picked up the role quickly and continues to be hard working. She has an excellent telephone manor when dealing with customers, being both friendly and professional. It is a pleasure to have her with us!"

Assa Abbloy

> Clare Weal is our Southampton Hall of Famer

Southampton HOF Aoril

“Claire has a very effective, calm professional approach to work. She is efficient in support of the wider team and also on specific meetings and tasks. Her attitude is to always go the extra mile and ensure everything runs smoothly for everyone concerned. One specific example for me was supporting the interviews for new cancer research funded posts. We had a panel of external interviewers and 2 sets of interviews for each candidate. Claire ensured the rooms were ready, visitors welcomed and, most importantly, candidates welcomed, supported and in the right place at the right time! No mean feat in a new organisation herself and working with a team for the first time. Throughout the day Claire was calm, professional and always a step ahead” 

> Kathy Beaumont-Thomas is our Bournemouth Hall of Famer

"I wish to nominate Kathy as she is an exceptional member of staff supporting the Continuing Healthcare Finance team at Dorset CCG. Kathy has taken on some difficult challenges in her role since January but has achieved fantastic results working collaboratively with Finance and the wider CHC team. Kathy is a well-liked and respected member of staff within the CHC team and it is a pleasure and privilege working with her."