Kate talks to Tate

woman is looking for office jobs in the UK

When it comes to PAs, Kate’s got it all. She’s had a tonne of experience, could organise her way out of a room with no walls and her mind’s as sharp as her outfits. 

Kate is our PA candidate

Now registered with Tate, a specialist office recruiter in London, Kate’s looking to put those skills to good use somewhere new. Continuing our series of articles on the hiring and job hunting process, we spoke to Kate about skills, start-ups and what exactly she’s searching for in a new job.

Why are you looking for a new role?

Right now, it’s all about progression. I’ve been working as a PA for nearly ten years now and with all the skills I’ve amassed in that time, I think it’s a good time to move up in my career.

What kind of company would you like to work for?

I’ve worked for massive companies before and although it was a great experience, I’ve done the whole corporate thing now. Ideally, I’d love to move to a smaller company or even a start-up; somewhere I can really feel like I’m making a difference.

Do you feel you have the skills you need to find your ideal role?

After nearly a decade, I should hope so! I like to think I’ve done pretty much all the office jobs you can think of and pretty much everything you can imagine doing as a PA, as well as a few things you probably couldn’t!

What skills are you hoping to expand?

I’d like to practice a little more with Excel. I’d also love to learn a new language. If I can go to a company where they offer a good selection of training courses, that would be ideal.

What skills do you feel are most important in the office sector?

I can’t speak for everyone in the office sector but the most important ones I keep seeing in job descriptions are Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What’s most important to you when selecting a new job?

I’ve got a family these days, so I’m looking for a good work-life balance and flexible working so I can continue to spend time with my kids.

How do you keep informed on the labour market?

Funnily enough, the Tate newsletter is pretty helpful! I also read Secs in the City, as much for the name as anything else! Seriously though, the more I know about what’s going on out there, the better equipped I’ll be to progress in my industry. I’m always on the lookout for advice on how to develop my career, maintain a good work-life balance and manage stress at work. I’m not feeling that stressed right now, though, so I guess I’m looking in the right places!