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How to have a good day at work - Final Two Elements

Resilience and Energy

from "How to Have a Good Day"


In our last two blog posts we previewed Caroline Webb’s book How to Have a Good Day, a practical guide on improving seven different aspects of your working day. Previously we looked at: 

1. Priorities

2. Productivity

3. Relationships

4. Thinking

5. Influence

For our final blog post on the book we will be discussing resilience and energy and how to maintain both even in stressful situations.


Stress builds up slowly, sometimes without us even being aware of it. In order to cope with whatever comes your way Caroline recommends getting plenty of sleep and exercise as well as practicing mindfulness daily. 

When we don’t get enough sleep we instinctively overact to negative situations and will be more likely to make mistakes. Our brains are unable to function properly without the chance to recharge so make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep a night or even try to fit in a little nap to avoid the dreaded four o’clock crash. 

Exercise is the best natural mood booster there is. Even a short walk around the block will provide you with enough energy to maintain your drive at work for hours. Don’t think of exercise as time wasted from work but rather time invested in it.

Mindfulness is a technique proven to calm both body and mind and enhances focus. Ideally you should take out ten to twenty minutes per day to concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly. You will soon notice the cognitive and emotive benefits.


Need a quick boost but don’t want to experience the post-coffee shakes? Caroline offers seven ways to elevate your energy levels and motivate yourself without turning on the kettle:

1. List three positive things that have happened to you and read them aloud

2. Perform a random act of kindness - give someone a compliment or express your appreciation for someone

3. Inject a sense of fun into something dull. A great way to liven up a dull meeting is to ban overused words and instil forfeits for those who say them!

4. Set yourself shorter goals with frequent rewards 

5. Make time for human interaction

6. Find a personal motivation for each goal you have

7. Smile! The act alone will make you feel more positive and energised

For more tips on how to improve your working life click here to download your copy of How to Have a Good Day. 

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