how to have a great interview

Congratulations, you’ve got an interview! The company think you’re suitable for the role on paper and now want to get to know you in person. Here are our tips on how to get the best out of the interview and successfully present yourself:


Dress the part

The first thing you need to establish before you meet a potential employer for the first time is your interview outfit. You should feel comfortable as well as look smart. You don’t want your clothes to distract your employer from the things that you say. Keep your outfit safe with a classically smart style, the fabric understated and neutral in colour and tone, your hair and makeup neat and in control and your outfit tailored to fit you comfortably


smartly dresses

Timing is key

Your outfit is not the only aspect of the interview you will have to prepare beforehand. In order to arrive cool, calm and collected you will want to work out your travel arrangements in order to get to your destination at least half an hour early. It’s good form to enter the building itself at least ten minutes early to show that you’re keen and able to manage your time well. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Once you’ve figured out your travel plans you’ll want to research the company and the person/people who are interviewing you, so if they ask, “So what do you know about us?” you’ll have plenty to say. 
It’s a good idea to Google some common interview questions online and make sure you know your CV inside out. You will then be able to relate anything you’re asked to your own experiences and skills. 
You don’t only need to say the right things at an interview but you also have to ask the right things. Write down a few questions of your own for the interviewer to show that you’ve really thought about the position you’ve applied for. For example: “Could you tell me what is the company’s policy on employee education?” “Is there any chance of development further down the line with this role?”



If you have arrived early in a smart outfit having fully prepared for the interview ahead, you should feel and look pretty confident. But don’t worry if you’re still feeling a bit nervous – by smiling whenever you meet someone (even if they’re not the interviewer) you will look calm, confident and friendly.  



Be friendly

Smiley person

Be friendly

Give your interviewer’s hand a firm shake when you do meet them and remember to thank them for seeing you. It can seem overwhelming but if you’re well prepared then all you need to consider on the day is polite small talk and the exchanging of pleasantries! Try to enjoy meeting someone new and remember, not only is your interviewer looking for a great employee but you’re also looking for a great place to work.  

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