Hall of Fame October 2015

> Tayla Fisher is our London Hall of  Famer

“What a pleasure is was having Tayla working with us.  She is extremely hard working and is always looking for work.  She really enjoys learning new things and picks them very quickly and has a great attitude to work. Such as shame her contract has come to an end with us but I’m sure where ever Tayla goes she will do extremely well.
Tayla has been quick to learn, she asks the right questions and has been a great team player.  She is very friendly and approachable and wants to keep busy.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.  The team will miss her.”

BSix Sixth Form 

> Kathryn Hambly is our Chandler’s Ford Hall of Famer

In my 37 years of work I have come across very few people who are of Kathryn’s calibre. Kathryn is now on her second placement with ECTA and the only fair way to describe each aspect of her work and her overall performance is outstanding. Kathryn has a very diverse skill set and not only is able to take on any task that is asked of her, she has usually identified what comes next without being asked or shown – this may not sound overly remarkable as many people have good anticipation skills but given that what Kathryn anticipates as being required is typically quite specific to the nature of our work and is therefore previously unknown to her, it is in my opinion quite remarkable. Kathryn has formed excellent relationships with all members of the team and they have made comments to me such as ‘awesome’ and amazing’ in relation to Kathryn’s performance.

Kathryn has recently stepped up to assist us with a more complex work and this has involved her needing to meet with employers and complete documentation including contracts. Kathryn is very articulate, extremely organised and the accuracy and the speed of her work is excellent. For a temporary member the team, Kathryn’s flexibility and commitment to getting the job done is second to none. Following Kathryn’s last placement with us I completed the Tate feedback questionnaire. I recall that the final question asked was something along the lines of ‘How can Tate improve the quality of service it provides?’ My response was ‘employ more people like Kathryn Hambly.’ I stand by this response and having experienced how Kathryn has performed during this second placement, I consider that to say Kathryn is an outstanding temp is probably an understatement.

Eastleigh College Training Agency  (ECTA)

> Madison Westall is our West End Hall of Famer

‘Madison’s with us for a 2 month temp contract and she has been amazing! She’s just jumped right in and hit the ground running, proving to be an integral part of our team. It’s been amazing having her in our office as she’s brought a wonderfully bright disposition as well as an awesome work ethic.’
Godiva Chocolates

> Luke Fitzpatrick is our London Bridge Hall of Famer

“What can we say about Luke? He is a very welcome addition to the office team here at SwiftKey since he first joined us as a temp back in May. There is simply nothing that is too much trouble for him and he attacks every task with great enthusiasm and a huge smile! My colleagues often comment on what a polite and hard-working guy he is. Always willing to go the extra mile Luke has never let me down: reliable and responsible with a fantastic sense of humour - he fits in to our team perfectly!Congratulations Luke - you so deserve to win this competition - to all of us at SwiftKey, you will always be a Winner!!"