Hall of Fame November 2016

> Eliza Sears is out Brighton Winner

Eliza Sears Brighton

 She is always happy, positive and will help wherever she can, she is truly an asset to Tate. “  

Lynda Thomas Head of HR and Recruitment, Equity.

> Carolyn is our Bouremouth Winner

Carolyn bournemouth

"Carolyn was focused from the start of her placement with us and understood from the offset the importance of the work she is dealing with. Carolyn remains focused and driven to complete work to a high standard, always asking questions if she is unsure of something. Carolyn has shown great resilience in her personal and work life and I have every confidence she will go far. It's a pleasure working with her and she has become a valued member of the team".

> Georgia is our Reading Winner

Georgia Reading

“Georgia came into Tate to register in July 2016. Since then she has performed excellently and integrated well with a range of clients within Tate, all of which have either extended Georgia’s time with the company or asked for Georgia to complete future bookings!

Georgia is very dedicated and focused and is not phased with new environments and meeting new people. I believe that Georgia is an asset to any company and will add value to any team that she works with in the future. Well done Georgia!” 

> Pauline Parmentier is our Guildford Winner

Pauline Parmentier Guildford

“I’d like to nominate Pauline Parmentier for best temp.  She has been helping us out at Hurricane Energy for a few months now and it is extremely helpful having her around.”

Hurricane Energy

> Debra Jenkins is our Hitchin Winner

Debra Jenkins Hitchin

Impellam Group PLC

Amir Khoshsokhan is our Epsom Winner

Amir Khoshsokhan Epsom

“Amir is an absolute star!  He is able to adapt to whatever we throw at him and is a great team player.  Above all, he is a people person who is able to relate to people at all levels and liaises with their clients extremely well.  He is confident and personable and due to his strengths has been able to help deliver some training”.

Evie is our London West End Winner

Evie West End

"Evie was friendly and welcoming to all the clients who entered. She was a pleasure to have on the Front Desk and deserves Hall of Fame!"

 > Kirsty Reed is our Winchester Winner

"Kirsty used to work with us a few years ago and over the last month she has been helping us out with a variety of temp bookings and also temping in our office when we need her. Her son has also been out temping for us. Kirsty is diligent and committed and also gives 100% at everything she does."

> Christine Willis is our Dorking Winner

“Christine works extremely hard for our service. She has provided admin support for our service for nearly two years. She works well within our team and is very supportive of all her colleagues. She maintains a professional and caring attitude towards all the people who use our service. It is a pleasure to work with Christine and I feel very lucky to have her working with us”

Rachel Barnett  is our Southampton Winner

 "Rachel has been nominated for all her hard work and dedication thus far. She is a great candidate with excellent skills. She is reliable and a worthy winner of the Hall of Fame!"

Southampton General Hospital