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Employer in focus: Finance and Office jobs with ReAssure

When searching for a new job, you need to know what the job involves, but it is just as important to find out about the employer. Office jobs are available in many sectors, but it is important to find an employer with values that match your own and a work environment and career prospects that meet your long-term goals. At ReAssure, staff and customers are put first, resulting in a business culture ideal for anyone just starting out or considering the next steps in their career.

Working at ReAssure

ReAssure, part of the Phoenix Group, was founded over 50 years ago and has a proven track record within the pensions, life insurance and investments sector. Employing over 3,000 people across seven UK sites, ReAssure takes care of around 2.2 million policies and around £41 billion of investments.

Providing a professional service to their customers is essential to the ReAssure business model, which thrives on long term customer retention. Delivering strong outcomes and excellent customer service is at the heart of this.

ReAssure is a company that cares for its people and invests in their future. They recognise that effective leadership is about attracting people from a range of backgrounds with different skills and experiences, building a workforce that works well together. They value employee retention and consider training, welfare support and flexible working models to be paramount in creating a positive workplace culture across all their office jobs.

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Team culture

At ReAssure, staff all work together as members of a team, whilst also being confident enough to work independently. It is a busy work environment and whatever your job title, providing good customer service is always at the core of everything ReAssure does. In any office job with ReAssure, you will find that no two days are ever the same.

What opportunities are there? 

Many job opportunities with ReAssure are as a Customer Service Advisor in one of their contact centres. As the first point of contact with customers, this role requires you to provide a high level of customer care and attention over the telephone, developing professional relationships with clients to help them with their policies and any queries or issues. You will also be entering and processing data in accordance with requirements and regulatory guidelines. The role requires you to be part of a team, sharing information, seeking advice, and resolving issues by working together.

ReAssure also has opportunities for Administrator office jobs. Vital to the smooth running of the business, this role supports the servicing of policies and will have some customer-facing duties, but the main tasks of this job revolve around internal administration. A varied job, as an Administrator you will work in collaboration with colleagues to create reports, organise and interpret data, maintain databases and complete forms to comply with requests from policy holders. Day-to-day duties will also include answering emails and taking internal phone calls.

From time to time there are vacancies for Calculations Administrators. Along with other administrative tasks, this role requires you to manually calculate annual statements and analyse financial data; a great opportunity if you are specifically interested in finance jobs.

Is ReAssure a good fit for you?

ReAssure is a company that believes in changing and growing to ensure they deliver the best customer service to their clients, and they encourage their employees to be active participants by contributing to improving processes and services.

Having a good workplace culture is an important part of the success of a business and is what makes each day you go to work a more enjoyable experience. At ReAssure you will find strong leadership in a friendly, supportive work environment, which takes care of employees’ physical and mental health and wellbeing. Employees at ReAssure are considered important assets; they recognise that taking care of their people means they can always achieve a high level of performance.

A further benefit of working at ReAssure is their mentoring programme and their structured training to help you build on your knowledge of the pensions and insurance sector and to learn and develop new skills. They encourage employees to progress and support those working towards professional qualifications.

Working at ReAssure you will be recognised for your performance and results. This includes financial rewards and an excellent benefits package, which shows that ReAssure really takes care of their employees.

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Where you could work

Tate currently recruits for office jobs at ReAssure’s sites in Telford, Hitchin and Norwich. Working with ReAssure in Hertfordshire will be at their newly refurbished offices in the grounds of Hitchin Priory. Most roles through Tate are for full-time positions, though ReAssure do have some staff that work from home, and they can offer some flexibility in working hours based on individual needs.

Are you a good fit for ReAssure?

If ReAssure sounds like a company you would like to work for, then you need to think about whether you have the right skillset and mindset to work for them. If you enjoy problem solving and helping people, an office job as a Customer Service Advisor or Administrator with ReAssure, could be the right opportunity for you.

Having previous experience in a contact centre is an advantage for these roles. However, you could also have acquired good customer service skills from other jobs working with the public or internal support teams which can be adapted to this new working environment. It will also be useful if you have experience of working in a highly regulated environment where data protection is crucial.

No formal qualifications are required for the Customer Service or Administrator roles, though you will need to have passed Maths and English GCSE’s (or equivalent). For a job as a Calculations Administrator you will need strong A level grades in Maths and or Science, and advanced skills in Excel.

Important skills to have for a job with ReAssure include:
Excellent people skills

Being supportive of clients over the phone in sometimes difficult situations, keeping a positive and friendly attitude.

Good communications skills

Being able to listen and respond appropriately to help with queries and solve problems.


Taking responsibility for your own workload, organising your schedule and completing tasks in a timely manner.

Good team player

Working as part of a team, supporting and seeking support from other members of the group. 

Strong typing, data entry, numeracy and writing skills

Being confident in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Willingness to learn

Being open to learning new skills.

Willingness to embrace new ideas and processes

In a constantly evolving business, be prepared to adapt quickly to change.


To develop your skills and knowledge and progress your career.

Where next?

ReAssure is an excellent company to work for and if you are looking for office jobs, this is a great place to start out in Customer Service with excellent prospects for your future career development.

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