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Employer in focus: Finance and Marketing jobs with RFi Group

If you are in full-time employment, you could be spending 5 days a week, for approximately 47 weeks a year, at work. That is a big chunk of your life, so finding an employer who understands that having happy staff is conducive to a productive workforce, is important for them and also for you. Enjoying what you do and where you work will make that time both beneficial and rewarding.

Here we look at RFi Group, a data insights provider to the financial industry, to find out more about what they do and the types of jobs you may find with them through Tate.

Working at RFi Group 

RFi Group started out in 2006, providing research in retail banking in the Asia-Pacific area. The following year they opened their Sydney, Australia office and in late 2009 they opened their office in London. They now have two further regional offices, in Toronto and Singapore, and serve over 500 clients across 48 global markets.

RFi Group is essentially a marketing intelligence company for the finance sector. They work with both large and small financial institutions and can provide general packages of market intelligence or they can create bespoke packages, tailored to the clients’ specific requirements. RFi Group provides insights and support based on local and global data, but their focus is always on the individual client, supplying them with the research, insights and advice specific to their own market and business needs. RFi Group believes in delivering an exceptional service to all their clients by providing valuable information and giving practical advice that can be used to improve their business.

RFi Group’s commitment to their clients is enabled by their commitment to their own employees. They understand the importance of hardworking staff who want to do their best and encourage a positive workplace culture in which they can thrive.

Culture at RFi Group
RFI Group's Culture

RFi Group has a really good work culture and believes in having a positive workplace environment for their staff. They are a down to earth business that values their employees and offers them encouragement and support to do their jobs well. They apply the same principles to their clients, ensuring they also have a great experience working with RFi Group.

What opportunities are there at RFi Group? 

Tate places candidates with RFi Group in permanent positions in both finance jobs and marketing jobs. Examples include:

Financial Accountants - Accounts Receivables

Financial Accountants are responsible for all accounting duties and their operations within the company. They manage the smooth running of the payment systems, using best accountancy practices and procedures. This involves recording and processing sales orders and invoices, maintaining the sales ledger, reconciling accounts and preparing reports. At RFi Group, all departments work closely together, and it is important to build a good relationship with the sales team, ensuring they understand their responsibilities in making sure that customer accounts are correctly processed. You can find out more about being a Financial Accountant here.

Marketing Executives 

Marketing Executives are responsible for creating and delivering marketing campaigns using various mediums, that could include digital, video or print. They generally work as part of a cohesive team of Marketers and can be working on anything from writing content to analysing data and preparing reports. There may also be opportunities for Marketing Managers who have a more senior role in managing projects and supervising teams within the department. You can find more information about the role of a Marketing Executive here and learn about being a Marketing Manager here.

Is RFi Group a good fit for you?

Ongoing professional development is seen as important for all employees. At RFi Group they have the opportunity to increase their expertise, improve their performance and achieve their personal and professional goals. Staff members have access to a large selection of internal and external training courses covering a variety of areas, where they can learn, thrive and grow.

It is not only on the work side of the business that RFi Group encourages and enables staff to be their best, they also understand that the social aspects of the work environment can complement and improve work performance. They expect their staff to be hardworking and passionate about their job and the business, but in return they arrange monthly social events, holiday activities, team building events and fun Fridays are also part of the work week. They believe in getting everyone involved and attract the kind of employees that will thrive in this kind of environment.

Jobs in London
Where you could work

RFi Group’s UK office is based in central London. During the COVID-19 pandemic staff had to work from home. The company found that this achieved high productivity, so they have moved to a hybrid model with staff working two days in the office, three days at home.

Are you a good fit for RFi Group?

To work in a finance job at RFi Group, it is important to have the core accountancy knowledge and skills in place through experience in a similar role. This would be one to two years of accounting experience in a corporate setting. Marketing jobs would also require at least a year or two’s experience in a marketing role, longer for a Marketing Manager’s position, along with management experience. Formal accountancy or marketing qualifications are not always a requirement for these positions but can be an advantage.

Working at RFi Group requires staff to be confident in their own abilities. They should be willing to step up to the plate when needed, to speak up when necessary and to face new challenges with courage. Having the motivation and drive to succeed on a personal level, as well as being passionate with regards to the future direction of the company, are attributes that will make anyone a great fit for this company. However, it is not just about employees having the right skill sets for a particular job role, it is also about being someone who will fit well with the culture and the ethos of the business, becoming part of the team and getting involved with work events.

Next steps

The forward-thinking work ethic at RFi Group is a key trait found in many other companies across the UK. To find out about current vacancies with RFi Group, contact our London City branch.

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