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TEDx Bristol and Tate Bristol - Dare to Disrupt Community Partnership

Tate Bristol are thrilled to confirm their community partnership with TEDx Bristol at Colston Hall on 2nd and 3rd November 2017.

Joining as a Community Partner, our sponsorship provides 25 tickets to diverse communities in Bristol, so that the game-changing ideas and conversations at TEDx Bristol are accessible to everyone. 

About Tate Bristol

Tate Bristol is here to bring the best digital, marketing and office talent to employers across the Bristol and Bath region. 

With a heritage brand behind us, and 32 years' experience in the industry, we know what we're doing. And we're passionate about matching the right people to the right organisations.

We believe recruitment as an industry should, and can, be done better. So, we're on a mission to be the UK's most human and people-centred recruitment business.

How we dare to disrupt?

We're promoting greater transparency in our business, and focusing on building communities, because we genuinely care about helping people find meaningful work.

Our team in Bristol aren't incentivised by individual bonuses; for us, it's about so much more than that.

Tedx Bristol

About TEDxBristol Dare to Disrupt

Meet the people doing it differently to make a difference. Challenging the status quo. Reimagining what is possible. Redefining the future. Daring to Disrupt - so we can do things better than before.

In a world of constant change, uncertainty and challenge - these are the Positive Disruptors. Bold, brave, unflinching in their mission to turn received ‘wisdom’ on its head and transform pipe dreams into reality.

Be prepared to rip up the rule book and start again. Open your mind, hold onto your seat and enjoy the ride. We’re going to Dare To Disrupt.

Join the digital community with Tate Bristol

Our community – get involved

We build communities of digital, marketing and office talent. We host events and thought leadership seminars to enable you to meet like-minded professionals and your own informal networks. And we also provide opportunities for our community to connect and interview with organisations that are hiring.

Who do we work with?

We work with employers who are focused on finding people who will align with their company values and ethos. We’re focused on building long term relationships to help organisations build great teams.

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