What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is paid training undertaken on the job whilst you work, to give you the chance to learn and continually develop skills required to be the very best at what you do. You can continue in your current employment while studying for a formal qualification by mixing on the-job training with offsite leaning. Additionally, if you’re new to work and not currently employed we can help you find a job, with hands-on experience, a salary and the chance to train while you work. You’re treated just like all the other employees.

Our Apprenticeships

Impellam Group apprenticeships, delivered by Tate, offer programs covering customer service, business admin, team leader and management – helping you to grow and build better businesses, through the upskilling of your people.


 Level of commitment

 Certified & Recognised qualification   Your apprenticeship can take between 12 – 48 months to complete
 Training is bespoke to meet your aspirations and future goals  Working in partnership with your employer and training provider
 Information, advice & guidance is provided to ensure that the apprenticeship is right for you  High levels of ownership and independent learning is required
 Designated Personal Trainer / Coach   Acting on coaching and feedback to enhance your performance 
 Training is holistic and develops knowledge, skills and behaviours within your workplace  Deadlines and timely achievement of tasks to ensure progress over time
 Training to enhance your career pathway   High levels of resilience and determination when faced with challenging ‘new learning’
 Your training is paid for by your employer  To celebrate success and achievement throughout your journey 
 You get opportunities to network with other learners