Matt Bennett

Learning & Development

Q: How did you get to your current position?
A: In my first week in recruitment as a Recruitment Consultant in 1998, I went on a great course and decided that I wanted a job as a trainer. I spent the next 7 years in one company doing every role up to Senior Manager to learn the craft of a recruiter. I was then introduced to Tate’s Managing Director back in 2005. I took on the role of Learning and Development Manager for Tate, then over the last 10 years my role has grown to incorporate all aspects of the people function for Tate and 6 other brands in the Impellam family.  

Q: What qualities do you look for in your team and why? 
A: As trainers in the recruitment industry, it is essential that my team have a deep understanding of the industry and can present with impact and gravitas. As a team, we have all worked in operations and regularly spend time in the business with our consultants and managers to understand their challenges.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in your career to date and why? 
A: I have recently delivered a leadership development programme to our top 50 Managing Directors and function heads across the UK and US. It was hugely challenging as each brand, function and country have their own personality, culture and needs. However, their passion for recruitment was common amongst everyone I met.

Q: What advice would you give to a younger 'you' starting out in your career? 
A: You’ll never know unless you try! In my last company I took a big risk by giving up my role as a Manager of a successful team to take on a maternity cover role as a trainer, taking a pay cut and knowing I couldn’t return to my role. It was a career defining moment for me as it changed the course of the rest of my life and eventually led to a permanent position. Prior to this, I was always very risk averse and I learnt that hard work and a calculated risk will usually pay off well!

Q: What motivates you and why? What gets you up in the morning? 
A: I’m fortunate to work with people who genuinely care about what they do. Seeing others succeed and development inspires me every day. We celebrate Tate’s successes every year at our awards and seeing over 50 people promoted this year has been great to see.

Q: What is your most memorable career moment? 

A: Dressing as Bjorn from Abba and singing ‘Take a Chance’ on stage at a Tate conference. It still makes me laugh and cringe in equal measure!!

Q: What are your interests and hobbies outside of work? 
A: Like many people, I love to travel and if I’m not at work I can generally be found on a beach with a cold drink in my hand. 

Q: What is your favourite film? 
A: I know I need to put something here that makes me look intelligent, but in reality it’s The Goonies. It’s even better with a hangover.

Q: Best book you've read? 
A: I’m not a big book reader but can usually be found reading music blogs and news online.